Black Bull


15 Commercial Street, Rothwell, Leeds, LS26 OAX
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Real Ales and Beers



A classic pale ale, brewed from British pale malt and American Cascade hops this is the perfect drinking experience! Smooth fruity and full-bodied, but with a deceptive bitterness to complement the high alcohol content, this is a deliciously easy-drinking beer. Refreshing citrus hop aromas complete the sensory pleasure

Yorkshire Blonde


Full-bodied and low in bitterness, there is a delicate malty sweetness on the palate. The fruity hop aroma results from a generous late addition on Mount Hood hops.

Big Red


Brewed with pale, wheat, crystal and chocolate malts, this is a rich full bodied ruby red ale, bursting with complex flavours. Bitterness and aroma comes from the addition of generous quantities of Slovenian grown Atlas hops. Citrus, fruit and spice aromas dominate

Silver King


A single combination of lager malt and American Cascade hops result in a crisp, dry, refreshing bitter in which the aromas of citrus are pleasingly well balanced.