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  • Jane Peyton Jane Peyton Beer Sommelier, Author and instigator of Beer Day Britain Wotzon is the smart phone app I have been waiting for. No longer will I sit and wish I knew which pub I could play bar billiards in, drink the latest release from the current hot brewery, and eat a vegetarian Sunday roast because, thanks to Wotzon, I now have all the answers.
  • Dunkertons Cider Melanie Cheeseman Marketing Manager, Dunkertons Cider I often don’t know where my products end up being sold, due to wholesale and bulk buying. Wotzon can show me where my cider is being stocked and I get a better idea of where my consumers are!
  • Nearby Media Kevin Dougall Director, Nearby Media Wotzon.io is what the UK on-trade and the drinks industry have been waiting a very long time for. It is surprising that nobody thought of the idea before, but then the same was said of Amazon and Google.

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