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From small breweries to large distilleries, we want information about drinks products to be freely available for users around the UK. By signing up and uploading your inventory to Wotzon for free, you’ll be allowing users to access this information at their fingertips.

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  1. Drink Type Choose between alcopops, beer, spirits, liqueurs and more.
  2. Name Ensure your drinks are named accurately so users recognise them.
  3. ABV Note the alcohol content for your drink as this is one of our search terms.
  4. Tasting Notes Add tasting notes to give more information about your products taste and aroma etc.
  5. Pump Clip/Logo Proudly display your logo or pump clip and enhance your brand.
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We can help you get your foot in the door if you haven’t already – we’ll put you into contact with pub and bar owners eager to experiment with new products and run promotions. Wotzon can provide you with unique statistics and data regarding consumer trends and distribution and overall improve your brand awareness.

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Reviews from our Partners

  • Jane Peyton Jane Peyton Beer Sommelier, Author and instigator of Beer Day Britain Wotzon is the smart phone app I have been waiting for. No longer will I sit and wish I knew which pub I could play bar billiards in, drink the latest release from the current hot brewery, and eat a vegetarian Sunday roast because, thanks to Wotzon, I now have all the answers.
  • Dunkertons Cider Melanie Cheeseman Marketing Manager, Dunkertons Cider I often don’t know where my products end up being sold, due to wholesale and bulk buying. Wotzon can show me where my cider is being stocked and I get a better idea of where my consumers are!
  • Nearby Media Kevin Dougall Director, Nearby Media Wotzon.io is what the UK on-trade and the drinks industry have been waiting a very long time for. It is surprising that nobody thought of the idea before, but then the same was said of Amazon and Google.

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